The most efficient way to manage
your most valuable assets

People are your company’s greatest assets, and you spend considerable time and effort every year managing your personnel. To make human resource management simpler and more automated we are bringing SkizzleHR - The most efficient way to manage your most valuable assets.

Make the HR processes easier
with SkizzleHR modules

Spanning the entire employee-lifecycle, SkizzleHR follows a modular approach that allows your HR/Administrator team to effortlessly manage Attendance, Leave, Onboarding, Confirmation, Appraisal, Separation and Report Generation and much more!

Simplify human interactions to build better workplaces.

Nurture your talent with SkizzleHR

Hire and onboard with ease

Hiring and onboarding is a tedious task. Our software will streamline your recruitment process. Once hired, give your new employees an engaging, digital onboarding, experience that gets them up to speed in no time.


Modular time sheets that fits your needs

For any specific department or for an entire company, define time management options. Allows to create and assign a time-off calendar for holiday groups. A centralized summary empowers the privileged users to view available time-off and vacation dates for each employee.


Employee performance reviews made simple

Allows managers to assess employees' performance over a specific period of time. Enables employees' self-appraisal rating/comments as well as managers' suggestions/feedback. Assign training/goals and bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.


Comprehensive analytics

You will get a wide range of features with SkizzleHR analytics. User activity, attrition rates, employees by department, and other essential reports are included with the system.


Organization set up all at a glance

Have business units and subsidiary companies spread across the globe? This option lets you add those details, create and view the organizational structure of your company.


Employing strategy for empowering

Streamline business processes, reduce costs , and improve service by allowing managers and staff to access and manage information and transactions in a paperless environment.

Join our Beta and Early Adopters Program

Enjoy unrestricted one-year access to all SkizzleHR features and we’ll reward you with a big price drop after beta.

Switch confusion to accountability – Comprehensive Capabilities

SkizzleHR connects you to all information about your employees in ways no other solution can.

Perfomance Appraisal
A fully-equipped performance appraisal module allows managers to assess employees’ performance over a specific period of time and empowers organisations to build their own appraisal process.
Employee Self Service
Put an end to time-consuming administration and paperwork by allowing employees to access and modify information related to them.
Define long & short term goals, and set the course for your organisation using comprehensive analytics with a broad range of features.
Background Checks
Compilation of prior history, along with accuracy checks, ensures the job candidates have provided genuine information.

A complete HR Solution for every business

Do a lot more with SkizzleHR, which are not limited to

  • Adding questions/skills/parameters
  • Configure line managers
  • Configure appraisals
  • Screening Type
  • Adding Agency
  • Selecting an employee/candidate for Screening
  • Background check process
  • Managers can
  • Configure project details
  • Add Employees to projects
  • View timesheets of the Employees
  • Employees can
  • Enter the hours spent on an assigned project
  • BU and Department
  • Policy document read
  • Employees role groups
  • Employees by BU/Depetment
  • Recruitment status
  • Interview status
  • Employee leave
  • Time management
  • Service reuest
  • User and Activity log
  • Raise tickets for all queries
  • Manage ticket escalation
  • Monitor ticket status
  • Grading
  • Budget/non budget headcount configuration
  • Configuring Offer letter
  • View onboard status monitoring
  • Onboarding service request
  • Adding agenda/induction
  • Create Requisition
  • Assign for Approval
  • Adding candidate to requisition
  • Adding profiles
  • Recruitment
  • Interview scheduling
  • Short listing


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