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SkizzleHR is a leading provider of HRMS software in India that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline HR operations and enhance organisational productivity. Our HRMS software acts as a central hub that connects and streamlines all of your HR processes, from recruiting and onboarding to performance management and payroll. The HR software solution is designed to simplify and automate many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with HR management.

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Why Choose Us?

Move from liability to accountability with an all-in-one SkizzleHR solution. With the help of our one-step solution, you can seamlessly access all the information of the employees. Our HRMS solutions include:

Why Choose Us?

Employee Self Service 

Here is your chance to put an end to time-consuming administration and paperwork by allowing employees to access and modify information related to them.  

enhance engagement

Let employees take control of their tasks to increase ownership and engagement.

Promote transparency

Instil trust and confidence among employees. 

Performance Appraisal 
Maximise employee potential

Performance Appraisal   

A fully-equipped performance appraisal module allows managers to assess employees’ performance over a specific period of time and empowers organization to build their own appraisal process. 

Goal alignment

Align employee’s goals with those of the organisation.

succession planning

Identify high performance employees and develop leadership roles.

Payroll Software 
Payday made easy

Payroll Software   

Supercharge and automate your payroll system with our reimagined payroll software solution that eliminates complex compliance risks and reduces other employee tax planning and investment issues.

Increase compliance

Ensure compliance with labour laws, tax regulation and other legal requirements.

Improve accuracy

Reduce manual errors and inaccuracies in pay calculations.

A little about our journey

We are People-first company

SkizzleHR was founded in 2020 with the aim of letting off challenges faced by companies in managing their employees. We have freshly built a new platform, HRMS Software that takes care of all HR processes and operations. We understand that people drive innovation, and only barriers to it are complicated processes. Our all-in-one human resource management system offers a straightforward solution that simplifies complex HR processes and streamlines time-consuming processes to enable employees strive for higher results

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    Year 2020 - SkizzleHR Founded

    The Reimagined HCM platform 

  • Year 2023 - Members added

    Scaled the team  

  • Year 2023 - Next Milestone

    Marching towards the next milestone 


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